Novak Djokovic
6 7 6

Tomas Berdych
3 5 3



Bonjour madame et moussier! @TimBonvilleGinn here to take you through the big men's match today with Novak Djokovic vs Tomas Berdych at the Phillipe Chatrier court on this bitterly cold morning going into afternoon

Now, Djokovic is obviously the favourite, he's no.1 seed as he faces the hard hitting no.7 seed Berdych

This is my debut on ByTheMin Tennis by the way, which is odd because I always watch tennis

I'm feeling that this could be a 5 set match! Berdych enters the court shortly followed by Djokovic

Right, get your coffee/tea biscuits etc etc ready, this could be a long one

Not many people in the crowd, whcu is disappointing as we won't have that big passionate atmosphere

Djokovic has accumulated, over the years, 100,000,000€ of prize money

He's only dropped one set and that was in the last match!

They've met 25 times and it's 23 wins to 2 in the favour of the Serbian, Djokovic

14 degrees C at the moment