Jordan Spieth: Shot-By-Shot at The Memorial



Afternoon folks. Rory and Jordan go head-to-head at the Memorial. This could be fun. The best shot-by-shot in golf is here for your every Spieth need. You will enjoy! Honest.

HOLE 1 It all starts here. Jordan to take the first shot by the looks of things. AAANNNNNDDDD the PGA site freezes. GREAT start. Tee shot drags to the left though. I think... Great time for a computer crash! Anyways...Spieth for par now...a tricky one of about 15 feet. NAILS IT! Best putter in the world? If not, then I want to meet that guy.

HOLE 2 Par 5 11th up next. Spieth with the ball in hand. Well...on the tee, but you know what I meant. Driver is actually in hand. Thumped away. Camera-man loses the ball. Rough-bound I think. Spieth tried to lay up his didn't work. Left of the fairway. And work to do from there. 3rd shot...punched it...right of the green. A par is not for certain.

HOLE 2 the green...putter out...gently couldn't? Could it??!! Just wide! So, so good. Par save likely. Par putt does indeed nestle inside the cup. E after 2.

HOLE 3 Spieth and caddy doing a lot of chatting early doors. More on the 12th tee. There'll be more to come too as he's bunker bound here. From the sand...errmmmm...nothing. Doesn't get over the lip. Kicking himself right now. 3rd shot nips right of the pin. It'll be bogey for JS. +1 after 3.

HOLE 4 PGA Tour don't bother showing his tee shot. Thanks for that! But he's to the right of the fairway for his 2nd. 132 yards to go. Brings up his first serious birdie chance of the afternoon. With the birdie move back to E...NAILS IT! He's back! E after 4.

HOLE 5 Par 4 of 369 yards here. Iron from the tee. He is a LUCKY LUCKY boy! Look where it's finished... Spieth gets an official to check the ruling over this ball. Lots of fiddling around with his feet. He gets a drop too. Means he's on the fairway. Told you he was lucky!

HOLE 5 OOPS! That wasn't how that 2nd was meant to end up. Thinned it miles long. Crashes into the grandstand. A par here will be a big bonus. From the rough infront of the stand, Jordan pitches to about half a foot. Man alive! Tap in par save. E through 5. can follow Rory's round live with us today too. Over here >>>

HOLE 6 Driver out on the par 5 15th. Big cry of FORE as the ball goes well right. Not a great start from JS. Jordan has trees, people and a lot of grass to maneuver for his 2nd. He might just be ok, despite going left. 3rd spins a distance past the pin. 20+ feet for birdie. BIRDIE GOES IN! The best in the putting business. -1 after 6.