Rory McIlroy: Shot-By-Shot at the Memorial



Afternoon folks. Rory and Jordan go head-to-head at the Memorial. This could be fun. The best shot-by-shot in golf is here for your every Rory need. You will enjoy! Honest.

HOLE 1 Here we go then folks. Rory on the first tee. This could be epic! From the tee, a wry smile. Left of the fairway...but should be ok from there. Sorry crashing is not what I asked for! McIlroy has a par putt on the first now though. He misses to the right. Dropped shot on the first. At least! It is indeed a bogey. Not the start he's had liked.

HOLE 2 McIlroy's drive at the 11th (par 5 btw) is belted away. Winces after the shot. Don't know why. Middle of the fairway. Perfect. McIlroy's 2nd shot...228 to the hole...can he set up an eagle? YES HE CAN! About 25 feet for eagle. That's more like it! Eagle putt. 25 feet. Gently does it...and JUST short. Taps in for BIRDIE! E after 2.

HOLE 3 Rory to kick us off on the 12th. Short par 3 of 175 yards. Plenty water around though. He's safely on the green though. Fairly long 2nd to come. OH MY!!! A 2nd straight birdie after a phenomenal putt. Super start! -1 after 3.

BTW...there's also a Jordan Spieth shot-by-shot live right now (written by me as well!) Get on it here:

So it's bogey, birdie, birdie for Rory so far. Poor initial start. On fire since. Keep it up I can hear you all cry.

HOLE 4 13th tee shot from what looks like a school's woodland area. Drive goes just into the fringe. Not too shabby at all. 2nd shot rolls and rolls and rolls down the green. He'll do well to save par from there. The birdie putt is 30 feet. Closer than first thought. Just past! It'll be a par. -1 after 4.

HOLE 5 Iron for Rory here at the par 4. Looks happy with it. Smack, bang on the middle of the fairway. Will this present a birdie chance? It certainly will. Uses the slope well. BONZA! Been a LONG wait for this birdie putt. Finally he steps up. 13 footer. Runs right round the cup and pops out the other end. Unlucky! -1 after 5.

As the PGA commentator has said, Rory has been about 6 inches away today from being -4. A tiny margin makes all the difference in this sport, eh.

HOLE 6 Rory on the 15th...WAY right. Into the crowd. Eek. 2nd shot from the rough. "FORE RIGHT" is the cry. That will be a humdinger to get safe from. Ouch. 2 poor shots so far...3rd goes in the rough, short of the green. Could still make par. Just. Chip is good. Well timed. Par SHOULD be saved. And is. -1 after 6.