Novak Djokovic
6 6 6

Dominic Thiem
2 1 4



Hello hello! Nikita here ready to take you through hopefully all of Djokovic-Thiem! Crowd is already into it. Thiem chose to receive. I think people are right, this is like the people's final. Thiem has been fantastic this year. The 22 yr old comes in with 3 titles on clay and has a 41-10 record this year (he will be #7 in the world after RG)

As it is 6 AM my location, I am going to get some coffee and breakfast as the players warm up.

Djokovic serves first but starting his attack from the baseline but closing the point at the net. Thiem needs to warm up that inside in FH DTL because that will be his weapon, as well as the dropshot. Quick love hold for Djokovic to open the match.

Mr. Thiem to serve. His 2nd serve easily returned from inside of the court and the angles of this first rally are glorious but Thiem's shot is long. We've got our first inside in FH DTL winner, followed by a FH DTL winner. Djokovic makes his way into the court to put away the winner. 30-30

Yikes. Double Fault for Dominic and it is a very early breakpoint for Djokovic.

WOW. What a recovery. Serve out wide to push Djokovic off the court turns into a BH DTL that has Djokovic watching. Deuce.

Thiem tried to go with the 1-2 punch like last point except instead of changing direction he wanted the same direction. However, it is long. ADV-ND. Djokovic lures Thiem into the net with a dropshot but Thiem is there with the crosscourt volley which Djokovic hits deeper and Thiem nets. BREAK.

At 15-15, these two are going at it from the baseline until Thiem finally makes the mistake after 23 shots. Thiem doesn't get the return on the kick serve out wide. Djokovic holds to 15 after another error from Thiem.

Make sure to follow Andrew for Andrew Murray v Stan Wawrinka on a separate channel! I know I will be keeping tabs :D

Djokovic's suffocating hold on Thiem's game is becoming evident as he races to 0-30 but Thiem clears his head and recovers to put away some fantastic attacking shots to level it at 30-30