World Cup of Darts



Evening. @Chappers67 back with more from the Darts World Cup. Little late to the party tonight, so, what have we missed?

First up, China took on the Czech Republic, coming out on top 5 - 3. That was followed by Greece vs Canada. Former World Champ, John Part, leading the way as the Canucks ran out 5 - 2 winners.

Currently, Republic of Ireland are going up against Hong Kong. The Irish shot into a 2 - 0 lead, but, HK have hit back. They are now 3 - 2 up. Ireland have the throw in leg 6 and are first to the out shots

IRE 3 - 3 HK: Can't get close to taking out 124, trying for 82, and McGowan takes it with tops

The pairs are William O'Connor & Mick McGowan for Ireland, and Ting Chi Royden Lam & Scott MacKenzie for Hong Kong

IRE 4 - 3 HK: O'Connor takes out tops with his second attempt, and the Irish have broken throw at the right time. They'll throw for the match

IRE 4 - 4 HK: millimetres away from the save, went for the bull got 25, but, McGowan can't get out, and McKenzie has the bottle for D11 to level it up. HK have the darts now.

IRE 5 - 4 HK: McKenzie can't take out 134, Ireland want 94. And McGowan somehow finds the bull!! Sensational stuff.

Ireland take it in a low scoring thriller. Not sure how McGowan managed to get that dart in to the bull, it looked blocked off. Have some stats

Next match on the slate will be, South Africa and Singapore. "Dancing" Devon Petersen and Graham "Kim" Filby take on Paul and Harith, "The Brothers Lim". *These may not be their actual nicknames.