Welcome ladies and gents! Today we are covering the intriguing bottom of the table clash between winless Freo and second string Essendon. The quality of the footy maybe won't be the best but it will sure be entertaining!

As mentioned earlier, in the shock of the season last years minor premiers Freo are still winless come round 11. If you had predicted that then you need to remove your tin foil hat.

Essendon have performed admirably all things considered. They are in with a great chance to get up tonight as Freo struggle to gain any footholds on the mountain they have yet to climb.

We are just about ready for the bounce here.

Q1 bounce!

Q1 19:00 Freo off to a positive start early. Ballantyne moves the ball inside and Barlow marks in the forward pocket. Tough kick but he nails it! Great start.

Q1 17:00 Taberner! Great mark as the third man over the top! Goes back and slots home another great set shot. Freo dominating the ball early.

Lachie Neale off to a hot start early. 5 possessions in 5 minutes. On track for 80 at this pace!

Q1 14:34 Pavlich is hit by a beautiful Mayne pass. He goes back and nails it from directly in front 45 out. Solid start for Fremantle. Crowd up and about.

Q1 13:00 Fremantle again! Ball is hoofed long to the top of the square. Sheridan hits the crumb at speed and snaps a beauty. Great finish. Freo on fire!