Rumble In The Jungle



If you wish to watch the fight along with me, you can. Not convinced we could have done this in 1974 though...


Yesterday, the world lost a great man. Some even say The Greatest. I'm too young to know of Ali in his prime. Sure, I've seen the clips and heard the soundbites. However, until today, I've never watched The Greatest's greatest fight, The Rumble in the Jungle, in full.

So I thought, what better way to celebrate Ali's life than to watch, and report on 'as live', this thrilling fight. Welcome to The Rumble In The Jungle, minute-by-minute.

Let's begin. Ali making his way to the ring. Given he's 32 and up against an unbeaten 25-year-old world champion, not many are giving him much chance tonight. We shall see. This is his final fight (maybe...) so he'll want to go out on the highest of high positions.

He looks pumped up for it. Lovely silk dressing gown too I must say...


Like this idea, and following along with you and the YouTube video :-)

Roddy Graham

Cheers Al! Hope my words do the great man justice.

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"The aging former champion" is how the telly guys are describing Ali. Angelo Dundee still in the ex-world champs corner. Great to have David Frost on commentary too. Certainly couldn't imagine Robert Peston or Andrew Marr being on boxing coverage these days.

Still no sign of Foreman btw. Mind games in full effect? Surely someone will hurry the champion up in the next few minutes.

Joe Frazier ring side for this one too. Ali still warming up in the ring. Foreman's anyone's guess. But here's a cheers from the crowd? Is this the champion making his way to the ring? Doesn't seem so...

Incredibly the venue only seems half full...DID THEY NOT GET THE MEMO?? It's Ali vs Foreman for God's sake!!

Ali having to take liquids on board as he's waited so long in this heat...Oh...and here comes Foreman. He's looking lean. Mean. The heavyweight champion of the world. Whether he will be in 15 rounds time is anyone's guess.