The World Cup of Darts



Dutch start 180, 140, 139 against the throw. Ominous

Australia 0-1 Netherland. Barney takes out 42 with D16

Australia 1-1 Netherlands. D18 for Whitlock for an immediate break back. Terrific leg from Anderson

Australia 2-1 Netherlands: slightly messy 65 but Kyle Anderson hits tops to edge his team in front

Netherlands avg 109.19. They're 2-1 down...

Australia 2-2 Netherlands: Tops for MVG. All square again

180!! Max from Barney. Team Holland motoring now

Australia 2-3 Netherlands: MVG cleans up 24 on D6. They're throwing for the match

180!! 180!! Massive max under huge pressure from both Aussies

Whitlock hits the wrong bed on dart 8 with the perfect leg on