The World Cup of Darts



Canada 2-0 NI: Dolan misses 7 darts at doubles before Part stumbles over the line, taking out D16 with his last dart having needed 6 darts to clean up 88

Neither of these players is quick. If the finishing from leg 2 doesn't improve we might be here a while...

A lively crowd in Frankfurt not needing much encouragement from the stage

Canada 2-1 NI: Much better from Dolan who confidently finishes 48 in two darts, pegging D16 to immediately break back

Canada 2-2 NI: Dolan hits Double 16 again, but took 4 darts to get there. All square

180!! Dolan hits his first max to kick-off leg 5. And follows it up with a 140. Much better from the Northern Irishman

Canada 2-3 NI: Dolan turns it around. Part had a dart at tops for a 118 finish but it was Dolan who hit the double 20. He is now throwing for the match

Messy from Dolan who hits 27 and follows it with a 65 Finishing line jitters from 'The Histort Maker'.

Canada 3-3 NI: We're going to the final leg. I said Dolan was nervy. He misses two darts at D16 for the match and Part punishes him. Canada in the driving seat

GAME SHOT. Canada 4-3 NI: Part hits double 16 to seal the win