The World Cup of Darts



Not the highest quality of darts we will see today but John Part won't care. Canada lead 1-0 in the tie. Can world number 85 Ken MacNeill produce a shock to see them through or will Darryl Gurney force the doubles?

Dolan only managed 19% checkout success in that last game. Proved costly

Ken MacNeill on stage now. The crowd sing along to his walk-on music, Hey Baby. There's a blast from the past

Darrly Gurney enters to Sweet Caroline, the most over sung karaoke song in the world. Having suffered it endlessly from behind a bar for a few years I hope he gets gubbed for making me suffer it some more

NI with the throw. Solid 100 from Gurney to start

Canada 0-1 NI: Gurney with D10 to hold throw comfortably

180!! First max of this game goes to Gurney. He could have got another 6 darts in that bed

Canada 0-2 NI: Break of throw. Gurney goes round the houses but takes out 24 on D3 in 6 darts. MacNeill failing to punish him from 100 in between times

Canada 0-3 NI: Terrific from Gurney. Treble 20, treble 17, double top for a 151 finish. He's one away from taking this tie to a deciding doubles

MacNeill appears to have 'BELIEVE' tattooed on his forearm. Having failed to win a leg in the singles all weekend I'm struggling to get on board with that