The World Cup of Darts



GAME SHOT. Canada 0-4 NI: Madhouse for Gurney. He hits the D1 with one dart to secure a straight forward victory

Canada 1-1 NI in the tie with one singles win apiece. The game will now be settled by the pairs contest

Canada have the throw...

180!! Part kicks off this game with a maximum. It doesn't settle his partner MacNeill who is checked by referee Russ Bray for exiting the oche in the wrong direction before crouching by the drnks table

Canada 0-1 NI: Gurney's 132 sets Dolan up who nails D16 with one dart and break the throw

140 in leg two from MacNeill. Really need him to settle if this tie is to be exciting

Canada 1-1 NI: Gurney again leaves Dolan handy with a brillaiant 139 but his partner misses 3 darts at 40. Part hits T20 and D4 to break back

Getting tense. Gurney is irked by MacNeill on stage who again walks the wrong way from the Oche

180!! Gurney gurns to the crowd as he hits a maximum.

Canada 1-2 NI: Another break of throw. Gurney only needs one dart at D15 to win the leg