The World Cup of Darts



Yaya Kolo chant. Hate it. Hate it. HATE IT!! They're bad footballers and I'd imagine even worse darts players. Just stop it

England 2-0 Austria: Taylor in control here

180!! 180!! Suljovic gets his first max. Taylor immediately follows it. Crowd comes alive

England 3-0 Austria: Taylor breaks again. Suljovic misses tops before Taylor hits the same target. His average is over 100

GAME SHOT. England 4-0 Austria: Taylor misses two darts at tops but returns to hit it with the first dart of his next throw and wrap up the win

England 1-0 Austria in the tie. That was hugely impressive from Taylor who limited Suljovic to just two darts at double on his way to a whitewash victory

If Adrien Lewis can see off the youngster Rowby John Rodriguez, ranked 40 in the world, the reigning champs will face Northern Ireland in the semis

Rodriguez enters the stage and I immediately feel old. Looks like he'd get asked for ID buying a lottery ticket

If anyone who tells you darts is just a pub game shut them up by showing them Rodriguez. He's still 6 years away from even being allowed in the pub

Anyway we're off. Lewis and England have the throw