The World Cup of Darts



England 1-0 Austria: Good start for Lewis who holds his throw in the opening leg

Here is Rowby Rodriguez, looking 5 years older than he does on tele

England 2-0 Austria: Rodgriguez misses 5 shots at double. Lewis returns to break the throw, taking out 5 on D2

England 3-0 Austria: Confidence flowing threw Lewis. He hits T20, 17, double top for a 117. England one leg away from semi final

England 3-1 Austria: Great pace to this game. Rodriguez gets D4 with his last dart and fires the crowd up. The gap is cut to 2

GAME SHOT AND THE MATCH. England 4-1 Austira 180, Lewis' first max, followed by an excellent 110 finished on D18. England beat Austria 2-0 to reach the semi-final

That was a great game. Both players on good form. Shame it was such a short format

Spare a thought for Rodriguez. He's been eliminated from the World Cup despite a good showing and now has chemistry homework to get finished

I'm approaching the end of my official slot here at ByTheMinute but I'm having fun so will hang about for a while

My boys are up next, World Champion Gary Anderson and Robert Thornton of Scotland take on Belgium represented by the Huybrecht brothers