The World Cup of Darts



Get the kettle on and come back in time for the start. It's what I'm doing

180!! 180!! Back to back maximums. First Gary Anderson then Kim Huybrechts

Scotland 0-1 Belgium. At the 7th attempt Kim Huybrechts finds a double. Anderson missed D16 for a 143 that would have punished the Belgian's sloppiness

Scotland 1-1 Belgium: D4 for World Champ Anderson. Going with the throw

Scotland 1-2 Belgium: Huybrechts regains the lead. Good quality so far

Scotland 2-2 Belgium: Anderson misses D4 but has a dart left and pegs D2 for a 68 checkout

180!! Anderson's 3rd a crucial time...

Scotland 2-3 Belgium: Anderson has a dart at bull and two at D12 to break. Huybrechts hits D4 with his final dart to hold on

Scotland in trouble

GAME SHOT Scotland 2-4 Belgium. 11 dart leg for Huybrechts who beats the World Champion. Over to big brother Ronny now...