#100MomentsIn100Days: USA v USSR - 3 Seconds of Chaos



Soviet Union up 5-0 as Sakandelidze hits a couple of free throws and then with a steal races away down the court.

US finally get on the board with a Dwight Jones free throw as the game develops into a real battle under the rim.

Sergei Belov with some nice outside shooting keeps the Soviet Union in front as the US team start to get a little frustrated with the officials. Belov has 8 points as the Soviets move 13-5 ahead.

Belov on fire from outside the key and has 10 points early on as the Soviets move ahead 17-9 - The US are in a bit of trouble here.

Crowd in the arena booing as the Soviet team seem to be getting the benefit of the calls from the officials. Rules in International basketball a little different to what the US boys are used to playing back home and they are a little befuddled by what's going on.

Sergei Belov up to 12 points as the USSR lead 21-11 and the USA under pressure like they have never been before. Is the shock on?

Good response from the USA though and as we enter the final minute of the first half they have trimmed the lead to just five points with the Soviets leading 26-21

The siren goes for half time and the Soviet Union lead 26-21 at the break. The USA have been a little slow and ponderous in offence and have been happy to concentrate on the defensive side of the game.

2nd half underway. The States have trailed at the interval once in the tournament against Brazil but came back to win that one 64-51. Can they do the same here tonight?

Tempers are getting tested and Dwight Jones and Korkia are both thrown out of the game as they push and shove each other after tussling for the ball. Jones copped for an elbow in the head and went to punch the Russian. A big blow for the US team that one.