#100MomentsIn100Days: USA v USSR - 3 Seconds of Chaos



And now Jim Brewer is down on the court. He bangs his head on the floor as he comes down with the jump ball and he is out of the game as well. Huge blows for the US team and they are really up against it now. Soviets still lead by 6 points with about 12 minutes left in the game

Sergei Belov up to 15 points now as the USSR lead is up to 10. The biggest test of this young US team's life coming up in the final 10 minutes

Crowd getting into the game as the US start to fight back. A tip in by Mike Bantom cuts the lead to just 4 points. They are definitely behind the Americans. Can they respond?

Inside the last 5 minutes and the lead remains 4 points as Kevin Joyce produces an excellent finger roll lay up to make it 44-40 in favour of the Soviet Union

Joyce again, this time with a jump shot from the top of the key and we are back to a one possession game. Joyce jumps for joy as the ball goes in and the crowd are on their feet.

Sakandelidze misses two free throws and Joyce grabs the rebound. He has made a real impact on the game as we enter the last three minutes. All fouls from now on will mean a trip to the free throw line.

Ratleff is called for a foul on Paulauskas as he tries to wrestle the ball free. Boos from the crowd who really don't like how this game is being called by the officials. Paulauskas hits one and it's 47-42

Joyce again with the jump shot and he has 6 points in no time at all. Inside two minutes to go. The tension ramping up in Munich.

Doug Collins hits a couple of free throws and we have a 1 point game!! USA 46 USSR 47 with 1:35 left

Joyce called for a foul and Sakandelidze hits just one of them USA 46 USSR 48 with 1:20 left.