#100MomentsIn100Days: USA v USSR - 3 Seconds of Chaos



Mike Bantom goes out of the game as he is called for a 5th foul with just 55 seconds left. Tom McMillen comes in. 2 shots for Sergei Belov and he misses the first! Hits the second though and it's a 3 point game. USA 46 USSR 49 with 55 seconds to go

Jim Forbes comes up big for the USA as he hits a mid-range jump shot and the States are back within one! USA 48 USSR 49 with 40 seconds remaining

No shot clock remember and the US can't really afford to give up a foul as it's an automatic two shots. If only there was a way you could score 3 points for a basket!!

Soviets throw the ball around but try to get a shot off from Sergei Belov which is blocked by McMillan!! Collins manages to get hold of the loose ball at midcourt and goes for the hoop and is hit from behind as he goes to shoot!!

Collins crashes into the protective padding around the base of the support for the basket and looks in a bad way. Incredible drama as he will have to pick himself up and shoot the free throws which could bring the Gold Medal for the USA

Sakandelidze the man who commits the foul. There are 3 seconds left on the clock.

Collins then with the first. What pressure on this young man!! NAILS IT!! USA 49 USSR 49 - TIED GAME WITH 1 SHOT TO COME AND 3 SECONDS LEFT

Second throw is up as the siren goes in the background. NOTHING BUT NET FROM COLLINS AND THE USA HAVE THE LEAD FOR THE FIRST TIME TONIGHT USA 50 USSR 49 - 3 seconds to go

USSR restart the game and get to midcourt but the officials blow the whistle and stop the game. Have the Soviets called a Time Out? Pandemonium as no one seems to have a clue what is going on.

The US lead and there is 1 second on the clock. It looks as if the Soviets are going to have to hurl it and hope for a miracle.