#100MomentsIn100Days: USA v USSR - 3 Seconds of Chaos



US team take up defensive positions. The Soviets are in shock as the Arena reverberates to chants of USA USA USA

Still pandemonium as there is a question as to what is left on the clock. The PA announcer says there are 3 seconds remaining but it's not clear as if that is an official announcement and if the clock has been reset. Chaos!!

The clock in the stadium shows 50 seconds!! What on earth is going on?

The Russians hurl the ball up the court and it sails long!! THE USA HAVE WON THE GOLD MEDAL!!

Incredible scenes as the court is invaded by the US players and the supporters. Sirens and whistles going off everywhere. BUT WAIT!! AN OFFICIAL IS CLEARING THE COURT

The scoreboard is not correct and they are running the clock back down to 3 seconds!! This is incredible. What a cock up by the officials here. The US thought they had won it but the Soviet Union have one more chance as we have to replay the final three seconds.

It appears that the siren that sounded as Collins was throwing the second shot was the Soviets attempt to call a time out. By rule this should not have been allowed as once the ball is in the shooters hands, then the ball is in play and the clock cannot be stopped.

It appears that the decision to overrule the on court officials has come from the head of FIBA, R William Jones. If that is true then it is an unprecedented turn of events. What a sensational ending to this game!

It looks like the Officials then messed up by allowing the Soviets to inbound the ball before the clock had been reset, and that is why there were 50 seconds showing. So we are going back to three seconds left. The Soviets have a second chance to produce a miracle in Munich

So here we go again!! The Soviets inbound and go long looking for Alexander Belov.