Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers



Within minutes of kickoff in Detroit. I'm @Sctvman and I'll be doing the Packers-Lions game tonight. BIg game in NFC North.

#Lions will defer on the opening kickoff.

In two Thanksgiving battles, the #Lions had a blowout win against Philadelphia, while Green Bay lost in a surprise at Lambeau to the Bears.

The #Lions, who started at 1-7, are now 4-7, and with a win, could be within one game of a playoff spot after Sunday.

Green Bay is 7-4, and badly needs a win. They started undefeated and have now hit a slump. Now for kickoff.

Jeff Janus to the 18, and Aaron Rodgers will start it off. 14:55 1st quarter.

James Starks with a nice 6 yard gain on the first play. 2nd and 4. And a first down on the next carry to the 29. First down Green Bay.

After 3 Starks runs, an incompletion. 3rd down and 6 for the #Packers. 13:31 1st. GB was 3/11 on 3rd down last week. Flag. Offside on DET

The #Lions stop James Starks for a loss of a yard on 3rd and 1. That's a big play for the Detroit defense who came in a big way last week.

Short punt. #Lions will start at 32. 12:52 1st quarter, no score.