E3 2016 Predictions



Hello everyone, I'm @a_buckmaster, and welcome to one of my favourite times of the year! It's nearly E3! If you don't know what E3 is, it is when all the new games are announced, or new technology is shown, or we get updates on items etc, its pretty self explanatory.

Normally, the event starts Tuesday, so the main companies have shows that show off what they are exhibiting this year, as well as teasers for gamescom in August in Cologne!

The conferences start off on Sunday afternoon in LA, and Sunday evening here in the UK! The first one to kick off is EA, everyones favourite company to moan about, as well as the worst company in America 2013. But this year, they aren't at E3, instead, they are doing their own thing, called EA Play.

They are having the conference as usual, but are showing off their games at The Novo at LA Live, separate from the E3 hall. As well (which I have only found out), they are hosting the event at the Hammersmith Apollo, in London. Now lets talk about games! I'll firstly kick off with what we know...

The biggest games to be at the event will be Titanfall 2, the sequal to the Microsoft-exclusive Titanfall; Fifa 17; and the WW1-based Battlefield 1. We will see the gameplay for each of these games at the event, and also see the release date secured for Titanfall 2.

October 21 is the release date for Battlefield 1, and Fifa 17 is out on September 29, so where does Titanfall fit in? Due to it being a shooter, you don't want it to clash with Battlefield, but also don't want it to clash with CoD. My best guess will be late September, but it may collide with CoD in the front-end of November.

Fifa 17, which has been announced, will now be developed on the Frostbite engine, which powers Battlefield, Need for Speed, the new Mirror's Edge (which is out today), and even Rory McIlory's PGA Tour... This is important due to EA aiming to share one or two in-house engines between games, but this also improves the graphics and the quality of the FIFA game this year.

It also hasn't chosen to go with it's poster boy Messi this year, instead choosing for the best of both worlds... It has gone with 4 poster boys, with the box showing each one split. We now have James Rodriguez, Eden Hazard, Marco Reus and Anthony Martial on the box this year...

Battlefield 1 is planned to keep it's 64 player multiplayer, but put a spin with it's WW1 location. The classic "everything must be destructible" will be pushed to a whole new level, with the graphics planned to be on-par with those from the beautiful Star Wars Battlefront game, also developed by the same studio that will make Battlefield 1.

Now it's time for my own personal predictions...