Maria Sharapova: Tribunal verdict



The ruling on Maria Sharapova is due in 5minutes time. Maria and her sponsors hold their breath!

As you're all aware Sharapova tested positive for the banned drug Meldonium earlier this year. The ITF will be giving their tribunal verdict shortly.

My guessing is that she will be banned for the rest of this year. But we shall see. Verdict any time now!

This via Dan King. Still waiting official news.

Yes it is confirmed a 2 year ban. Backdated to the beginning of this year. The earliest she could play via Mike Dickson

Details from the ITF here

Maria will be 31 when she is able to return to play tennis. Is that too old? You would guess her tennis career is over?

This is the press release from the ITF

This via Owen Gibson of the Guardian. It appears she will appeal, but the ITF pressed for a stiffer sentence.

This nugget of information from Paul Kelso. There is no way of disputing this. She is a cheat.