Cleveland Cavaliers

Golden State Warriors



Welcome today's coverage of game 3 of the NBA Finals! Cleveland return home with their tail between their legs after being on the end of two bad blowouts in the Bay Area. Down 2-0 Clevelands defense has been laughable at times and will need to improve if they are a chance tonight at all.

The Warriors have shown their superior depth in this series. Their role players have stepped up, particularly Livingston, Barbosa and Iguodala. Steph and Klay have not really got going yet, which may be the scariest part.

Clevelands role players have not really turned up. JR Smith has 1 field goal attempted in game one and 3 in game two. Love and Thompson have been found out on defense. Neither is a rim protecter. Neither is mobile enough to switch on the pick and roll.

Paul Pierce predicting Cleveland to win by double digits..

I personally think Cleveland needs to play Mozgov. He can't switch on the pick and roll either but at least he protects the rim.

Probably won't happen though because Lue is literally petrified of LeBron.

Tip off here in just over 10 minutes. Settle in folks.

Kevin Love missing the game through concussion tonight. Lue starts Jefferson... Meanwhile Mozgov wonders how he got here.

We have tip off!

Q1 10:58 Kyrie gets us off and running with a tough pull up jumper off the bounce. LeBron gets to the rim and makes the tough lay-up. Fast start for the Cavs.