Rafael Nadal pulls out of Wimbledon



Sad, but expected news breaking. Nadal has had to pull out of Wimbledon this year

This is official news, as Rafa himself posted on his Facebook account

There must be worries now, that he will miss his 2nd Olympic games.

According to the BBC's Russell Fuller, Nadal's still wearing a cast and with Wimbledon starting in little over 2 weeks, his withdrawal is no surprise

With this news coming straight after the Sharapova suspension yesterday, it's not great news for the Wimbledon committee and organisers

With Rafa always struggling with injuries and Roger having knee troubles more regularly, we are slowly coming to the end of an era in the men's game.

Let's end this story in a positive note. Here is Nadal winning Wimbledon in 2008. In what pundits called one of the greatest finals in Wimbledon history