Roger Federer
7 7

Florian Mayer
6 6



Hi folks and welcome to our coverage of today's quarter final. A packed crowd awaits Roger in Stuttgart and so does a German opponent...Herr Mayer

The sun is beaming down in Germany, and the players are warming up and we'll be underway shortly. Talk amongst yourselves for a while.

The winner of this quarter final will play Dominic Thiem. This tournament is Thiem's 742nd of the year. He plays a lot.

Right you ready? The players are ready. Let's do the tennis.

Federer with an easy first point, but then Mayer slams back a service return to make it 15/15

An early bit of pressure on the Federer serve at 30/30 and Roger then hammers a forehand wide. Break point Mayer...30/40

It's saved as Mayer can't keep a 2nd serve in play. Chance that for Florian.

Federer avoids the break, and he takes out the opening game of the match. Roger slips and is on the turf, but he dusts himself off and is ok to continue

Glorious. Just glorious. Roger returns a Mayer serve with interest down the line...0/15

Hawkeye calls a Mayer serve out...and he's under pressure at 30/30 but after a brief rally, Mayer hits a sparkler down the line 40/30 and then quickly wraps up the game.