Cleveland Cavaliers

Golden State Warriors



Welcome! Today's coverage of Game 4 of the NBA finals starts... Now! Clevelend answered many doubts with a fantastic home performance in game 3. The Warriors had no answers for Cleveland 52.5% from the floor. LeBron and Kyrie Irving were both dominant. They will be hoping to replicate that again tonight.

Golden State were awful in game 3. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have really not got going in the series. Perhaps that is the scariest part for the Cavs. Both will be looking to get going tonight.

Cleveland have announced the starting lineups. No Kevin Love. Jefferson starts in his place. Jefferson made a huge difference in game 3. However, the Warriors have gas 3 days to look at it. Kevin Love has not come off the bench for 6 years. Shows some dedication to winning

Warriors edge it for me today. This team won 72 games this year, the chances of them being that awful in two games in a row are too slim for me. We will be back with the tip of the ball.

We have tip off!

Q1 11:10 Barnes kicks us off with a three from an offensive rebound. Kyrie picks up where he left off. Hits from the corner over the contest.

Q1 10:24 Smith hits his first three. Both teams starting hot here. Going back and forth. Barnes hits another three! Wow.

Does somebody want to play some defense or?

Q1 8:00 Game has settled. Bother teams already making adjustments and the refs letting it go. Lots of physical play off the ball.

Q1 7:35 Timeout GS! Irving pops the corner three after Curry loses him on the pick and roll. Poor rotation from the Warriors. Cleveland looking to implement pick and roll situations where Curry is guarding the roll man. Working early.