Port Adelaide

Western Bulldogs



Welcome to Saturday afternoon Footy. Port Adelaide v Western Bulldogs from Adelaide Oval. Should be an absolute cracker. It's 5th (Bulldogs) v 9th (Port).

Hard to pick a winner in this one, but I can't go away from Port at home here. They certainly have turned their season around in recent weeks as they have improved their record to 6-5. But the Doggies are no easy beats as their season record of 8-3 shows. They also have won 8 out of the past 10 games against the Power.

Never tear up our tarps is playing loudly around Adelaide Oval here before the bounce.


Q1 19:01 Tough in the contest early, free kick to Luke Dalhaus. Lines em kicks a beautiful in swinger, Damien Fleming would be proud of that one. Port players claiming it hit the post. Not to be. All clear.

Q1 18:05 Some great ball movement by the Power up through the guts. Robbie Gray hits up Jarman Impey. From 48m 45 degree angle. Wow. That's bad. Out on the full.

Q1 16:57 Some relentless pressure here from both sides, great start to the game here.

Trent Hepburn

How wet are the conditions?

Timmy Boatwright

Reasonably boggy. Few blokes slipping over everywhere in the centre of the ground.

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Q1 15:58 Poor kick Inside 50 from Impey, should have been a certain goal to the Power. Instead a rushed kick, is ran through for a point.

Q1 14:37 THE PACKAGE FROM 50.... Out on the full.

Q1 14:22 Westhoff takes a hanger on Centre Half forward, drills the perfect pass to Robbie Gray who marks in the goal square... Gets some attention. 50m penalty... But he only gets a 1m penalty. Goal to the Power.