#100MomentsIn100Days: USA v Canada



22' GOAL SINCLAIR. Canada steals the ball and gets it straight to Sinclair's feet who then quickly switches directions, wrong-footing O'Hara and finding herself 1 on 1 with Solo. She clincially slots the ball past Solo for the goal. Sinclair runs away with the calm airplane celebration and this is Sinclair's first goal against USA since 2008 Olympics!

52' Corner Kick. Rapinoe winds up and OH MY GOODNESS. THE CORNER GOES STRAIGHT INTO THE GOAL. Arlo White: "Heartbreak for Canada. Elation for USA." https://youtu.be/eNHZoloStm4?t=28s

67' GOAL SINCLAIR. SECOND GOAL OF THE NIGHT. Tancredi finds herself with the ball on the wing and sends the cross in, straight to Sinclair's head and another BEAUTIFUL finish. USA 1 - 2 CAN

70' GOAL RAPINOE. WHAT A GOAL. "RAPINOE AGAINST SINCLAIR AT THE MOMENT AND IT IS 2-2 WITH 20 MINUTES REMAINING." O'Hara with the assist and Rapinoe is given too much space to drive the ball straight into the goal. WHAT A BEAUTY.

123' GOAL ALEX MORGAN. "OH IT'S IN. ALEX MORGAN HAS DONE IT. Barely 30 seconds to go...tears on the face of Wambach. Alex Morgan has not scored since the opening match against France....391 minutes without a goal." Morgan with the header just enough over McLeod's head who lands and watches the ball go to the back of the net.