#100MomentsIn100Days: USA v Canada



And with that, this has been Nikita and it was my absolute pleasure to walk down memory lane [for the 2nd time this year alone] in one of the most epic battles of women's football history. Ladies and Gents, ALEX MORGAN HAS DONE IT.

The night in Old Trafford ends. "Desolation for Canada. Utter Euphoria for United States." ~ Arlo White. USA would go on to face Japan in an epic rematch of the World Cup Final and win the gold medal and continue their streak. As Rio comes around the corner, USA will attempt something never done before - win Olympic gold after successfully winning the World Cup. CAN THEY DO IT?

However, I think this is a game you must rewatch before RIO.


"And for a 5th consecutive Olympic games, The United States are into the final match in the most dramatic of circumstances. Alex Morgan with the winning goal in the 123rd minute. " ~ Arlo White

The Whistle Blows and Arlo White concludes: "Extraordinary Drama in the theater of dreams turned into a nightmare for Canada. But what a special night for the United States and look what it means to them...3 goals for Christine Sinclair but it has ended in defeat for the Canadians." The shock and heartbreak on Sinclair's face as she takes it in.

Joy. Relief. Tears. Disbelief. "AGAIN. IN THE 123rd minute, USA robs victory from their opponent."

123' GOAL ALEX MORGAN. "OH IT'S IN. ALEX MORGAN HAS DONE IT. Barely 30 seconds to go...tears on the face of Wambach. Alex Morgan has not scored since the opening match against France....391 minutes without a goal." Morgan with the header just enough over McLeod's head who lands and watches the ball go to the back of the net.

"If somebody in the final 60 seconds can get a 7th and ultimately winning goal..." Rapinoe brings the high ball down gets it Wambach who passes it to the right wing where HAO awaits. "Morgan in the box. Wambach in the box. Here comes the cross..."

120' "Will we see the late game dramatics from Wambach like in Brazil after the Brazil crossing?" ~ Chastain "It looks like we are going to penalty kicks." ~ White 3 minutes of time added on.