#100MomentsIn100Days: USA v Canada



38' ANOTHER CHANCE. Alex Morgan chases down a ball from Rapinoe at full stride on the right side, and then serves a low hard drive to Wambach's head but again. JUST WIDE.

45' Canada goes into the locker room with the lead. Sinclair now has 141 goals. Wambach at 142 goals. For a majority of the first half - USA was playing offense with so many chances and yet Canada draws first blood. How will USA respond? As Arlo White says, "It's got an epic feel to it ...twists and turns to come."

47' DANGEROUS Free Kick Chance. Morgan draws the foul right outside the box, almost like a corner but closer. Rapinoe sets up the ball to take it but it is short and eventually, Matheson tackles Rapinoe to force the corner....no wait, a goal kick? Should have been a foul as the ball had left Rapinoes feet and Matheson goes at her feet.

50' CORNER KICK USA. Rapinoe takes the corner kick after Sessleman barely gets her cleats on the ball as she takes down Wambach. In the box, Wambach finds herself in a Canadian physical sandwich.

52' Corner Kick. Rapinoe winds up and OH MY GOODNESS. THE CORNER GOES STRAIGHT INTO THE GOAL. Arlo White: "Heartbreak for Canada. Elation for USA." https://youtu.be/eNHZoloStm4?t=28s

Chastain: "I can tell you how USA will respond. It is like a shark in the water when there is blood. They will circle and circle and they will attack." Meanwhile, Arlo White making me wish I made the mention of "Highly illegal" Canadians a drinking game.

59' YELLOW CARD. Desiree Scott. Five minutes earlier, Tancredi had stepped on Lloyd's head -- no Yellow Card given there.

Ball after Ball, United States tries to get a goal as they maintain a bit of momentum in the Canadian third. Finally, Canada breaks it down but it comes straight to Solo who clears the ball.

67' GOAL SINCLAIR. SECOND GOAL OF THE NIGHT. Tancredi finds herself with the ball on the wing and sends the cross in, straight to Sinclair's head and another BEAUTIFUL finish. USA 1 - 2 CAN

70' GOAL RAPINOE. WHAT A GOAL. "RAPINOE AGAINST SINCLAIR AT THE MOMENT AND IT IS 2-2 WITH 20 MINUTES REMAINING." O'Hara with the assist and Rapinoe is given too much space to drive the ball straight into the goal. WHAT A BEAUTY.