#100MomentsIn100Days: USA v Canada



90' Ball launch straight to Leroux who manages to get to the ball right before it goes out of play but not enough to save it a second time - YET the referee calls the corner. Canada are not happy one bit.

Nothing comes from the corner and there are 3 extra minutes. Can someone get a goal?

91' Morgan has a ball launched from the USA defensive third to the CAN offensive third. She uses her head to bring the ball down to her feet and runs straight to the side of the goal hoping to get the cross but misfires straight into the side of the netting.

93' Schmidt finds Matheson streaking but O'Hara brings Matheson down to get the ball and no foul called there. Play on, says the referee. Rapinoe gets the ball to Leroux is running down the right wing and launches a ball which redirects off a Canadian for another corner.

94' Rapinoe gets the cross and Leroux's header goes well over the goal. USA 3 CAN 3 Hat trick for Sinclair Brace for Rapinoe Penalty Kick for Wambach. Strange calls and no calls from the referee. Both Wambach and Sinclair are now tied at 143 goals each. There will be two 15 minute periods. If no one scores, there will be penaly kicks -- first ever for women's football at Olympics.

"It's like two heavyweight boxers slugging it out." ~ Arlo White with the enjoyable analogies as the ball goes from one end to the other, a few chances here and there. "This is the most thoughtful, well-played US-CAN match ever played...high quality." ~ Brandi Chastain

96' Finally a chance for Canada after Matheson draws the free kick in the USA half. Schmidt takes it, Lloyd tries to clear it but Tancredi gets a go. However, Solo is able to collect.

"Congratulations to the University of Portland. They are responsible for 5 of 6 goals today." ~ Arlo White on Rapinoe and Sinclair.

98' CHANCE. Low ball from Kelley O'Hara and Sydney Leroux gets her feet on it but launches the ball too high as she slides to the ground, right in front the goal.

100' CHANCE. Heath with a cross and Wambach with the header but not too much power to it. McLeod collects.