#100MomentsIn100Days: USA v Canada



Substitutions. USA: HAO for Cheney. CAN: Stewart for Nault. "HAO loves getting endline and hitting crosses into the box. This fore sure is the tactic." ~ Chastain

101' Matheson draws the free kick outside the box on the right. She takes the free kick but it goes well wide on the opposite side of the goal. A few minutes later, another corner kick for CAN and another foul for Tancredi, who has 1 YC. Elbow to Wambach's neck/face this time.

There is now 15 minutes left for USA or Canada to score the winning goal and prevent the first ever penalty kick shootout for Olympic women's football.

Pia Sundhage, USA's coach, remains calm. We have not seen much of her face as the cameraman has focused more on Herdman shouting directions. Wambach leads the huddle. Again we are off -- back and forth. 106' Buehler in pain and Canada, with the advantage, hits the ball out to show a bit of sportsmanship.

"There was 27 Buehlers to attend Stanford University. They're a clever bunch." ~ Arlo White.

Final substitution for USA. Rachel Buehler off. Becky Sauerbrunn on [one of my favorite players FYI].

Can I just say, with the many fouls that happened, especially on Wambach and now Morgan, Moscato helps both players up and checks on them. Desiree Scott fouled hard. Timko was ready to go on but Scott wants to play on.

116-118'' Finally Canada gets a free kick opportunity. They have been on the defensive up until this moment. The kick goes straight into Solo who gets it to Rapinoe to Morgan and WHATA CROSS almost to HAO after McLeod misses it completely. WHAT A CHANCE. Morgan again with the cross but Wambach cannot get there. "Desperate defending by Canada" ~Arlo White TWO MINUTES LEFT.

118' Sinclair on the breakaway but Heath and Sauerbrunn take it away. Morgan gets the ball all the way endline and hits the cross straight to Wambach and McLeod just makes the crucial save.

120' "Will we see the late game dramatics from Wambach like in Brazil after the Brazil crossing?" ~ Chastain "It looks like we are going to penalty kicks." ~ White 3 minutes of time added on.