North Melbourne



Welcome to tonights coverage of the blockbuster clash between North Melbourne and Geelong! Etihad hosts both teams as they look to cement their spot in the top 8 come September.

North have had an excellent start to the year. At 10-1 that sit on top of the ladder heading into the second half of the year. Their style does not require possession dominance, an interesting nuance not mirrored by any other club in the league.

Geelong are coming off the back of two very poor results. Losing to both Collingwood and Carlton, their sharp start to the year has been blunted slightly. In saying that they can jump as high high second tonight with a win.

We are just moments from the bounce.

Q1 18:00 Cagey start from both teams. Very contested as you would expect. Geelong having the lions share of possession early

Q1 17:20 Petrie gets us underway here at Etihad in terms of scoring. All by himself on the lead, Gibson hits him on the chest. He converts the set shot.

Q1 15:08 Bartel! Gets the cats first. Ball fired out and Jimmy is all alone 40 out. He pops it through. Clinical. May be the best beard in the league too.

Q1 12:42 Duncan hits Menzel on the lead. He will kick from 35 on a tight angle... Goals. Great ball movement from the cats as they jump out to an early lead.

Q1 10:30 Great transition for the cats as Murdoch bursts inside 50 from a chain of possessions. He can only Manage a minor score. Goldstein dominating the ruck at every stoppage. Undoubtedly the best ruckman in the Comp.

Q1 8:20 Harvey alone inside 50. Has been doing this for over 8,000 years. Thomas finds him with a great pass inside 50 and he converts the set shot.