Rugby U


14 mins played and Ulster are building again just inside the Edinburgh half.

Looks like the wind has changed direction as a kick from Edinburgh's out half comes right back at him. Attacking lineout for Ulster

Edinburgh defense holds strong on their own 22. Possession coughed up. 17 mins played and they work their way up the pitch.

18mins on the clock and a knock on by Edinburgh gives Ulster back the ball. Good kick from Nelson and Ulster again put pressure on

Ross ford finds his man. Edinburgh play their way out of defence.

20 mins played and Edinburgh work the phases well into the Ulster half. But then it all breaks down with a forward pass. Scrum to Ulster

Stoppage in game as players get a breather and a wee bit of attention. Scrum will re start the game shortly.

Ulster cut through the Edinburgh defense and work all the way up to 5 meters shorty of the try line.

22 mins played. Ulster are working the ball to the wing but knock the ball on. Ball not yet cleared

23 mins on the clock and the Ref stops the game with no advantage to Edinburgh from the Ulster knock on. Scrum time, Edinburgh put in.