Rugby U


Ulster have knocked on themselves. Dougie Fife makes a good break but is brought down inside the Ulster half,

30 mins played and Edinburgh have a good attacking platform with a scrum inside the Ulster half.

Scrum will be reset.

Crouch, Bind, Set, wheel, collapse, advantage to Edinburgh, Scrappy stuff. At least it's in the right half of the pitch for the Scots

Edinburgh attacking the Ulster 22. Shifting the ball not very far and trying to muscle the ball forward

Ulster win the ball and look to break quickly.

Now Rory Scholes is down injured. A big hit in on him. Nothing dirty but certainly a big hit.

Scholes looks OK to carry on and he's back on his feet.

35 mins played. Scholes is off for Head Injury Assessment, Paul Marshall comes on. He is a scrum half by trade but is onto the wing

They are filming Game Of Thrones in Northern Ireland but the rate of Ulstermen dropping off makes the Red Wedding look positively safe