Rugby U


Players coming back on the pitch. Edinburgh to kick off.

Hamish Watson has come on for Edinburgh. Mike Coman has not come back out. He did have a H.I.A. earlier.

Game back on.

Wind catches a kick and Ruan Pienaar and he fails to find touch. That might be his first mistake of the night

Edinburgh staring the game with real purpose as they look to get points on the board.

Ulster choke tackle leads to a turn over. Scrum Ulster on 42 mins. Ulster 14 Edinburgh 0.

Ulster tight head Ricky Lutton replaced. Not an an injury, but it is his 1st start of the season. Ulster Capt Rob Herring down.

Herring looks OK to continue.

Wiehahn Herbst is now the Ulster tighthead

Nick WIliams and Chris Henry combine well has Ulster work the ball out of their own half.