Microsoft Xbox @ E3



Hello! Good morning/evening! I'm @a_buckmaster, and I will be here to guide you through the Microsoft/Xbox E3 2016 Briefing! We are waiting for the start at 5:30pm, and Phil has been fuelling the hype train!

Last night, we had the EA and Bethesda Conference! We saw more info on Titanfall, Battlefield, and Star Wars! We always saw Quake, Dishonoured 2, the new Fallout 4 DLCs (which look amazing!) and SKYRIM REMASTERED!

Anyways, I am preapred, got my drinks, have you? We are getting ready for the start in the next couple of minutes!

And we have started!

It has started on a more sombre note, with a comment on Orlando by Phil, but here we go!

Oh, its a console...

Yep, its the new Xbox One S Vertical stand, new material it seems, and 40% smaller

It has a 2TB HDD, integrated Power Supply, HDR, 4K and Blu Ray!

We also have a new controller, with longer range, paired with the Xbox One S IR Blaster!

Phil is now on stage