Big Brother



Well, if you have been somewhere that doesn't have the internet you probably don't know what has been going on in the BB House... For you I shall give you a quick rundown from Friday night to now... I am @LadyTHawthorne your 19th Housemate...

Friday night saw Official Housemates Jackson & Alex lose their place in the BB House.... But they can win it back - How? I hear you ask... They can fight for it because they have been moved next door... Ryan & Andrew from The Others are keeping their beds warm in the Official House 'cause that's what the public voted for... Are ye with me?

Within minutes of being in the Official House Andrew blew the cover and well... That was that... Then the boys down below weren't much happier... BB's plan is working...

So since Friday night - Charlie gives Alex & Jackson a Lap dance - eughhh Fish head, dog food, stinky cheese feathered tasks - double eughhh Undercover missions, tasks & disco naps Oh and 2 became 1 - goodbye #BBEmmaAndVictoria, hello #BBEmma

What have the last 24 hours had in store? Join me 9pm when we catch up - and I'm sure it will come with all kindsa warnings!!!

Our Standard warning - nudity , sex swearing....

So we start off with a night cam of Laura and Marco ermmmm getting giggy... Oh and cut to a diary room scene with BB checking Laura is ok? Ermmmm barn door bolted there I'd say!

The others are chatting and giggling for once.... Jackson is chatting with Natalie and she is being her usual suspicious self...

Housemates are having a meeting... Andy is not happy - there is a cigarette squirrel.... Me neither!

Oh and now there is giving out about cushions being thrown... Georgina is showing her princess side....


I don't think she'd be impressed with the state of my cushions. Of all the things to have an issue about!


Very much so.... I think it was a "I want you to hear my voice moment"