Ubisoft @ E3





Welcome ladies and gents to today's coverage of Ubisofts 2016 E3 press conference! Some massive announcements ahead in just a few moments! What are you looking forward to?

Personally I'm interested in any Watch Dogs 2 news which I'm sure we will see. Also how much DLC support there will be for Uncharted 4, and maybe even a new Assasins Creed. They tend to pump those out don't they!?

We are ready to go here! Let's see what they got!

I hope this is an advertisement for Just Dance. That or I have tuned into the wrong show...

This is about as Cringe as E3 gets in all honesty boys and girls. Wow.

Aisha Tyler out now to finally talk after some interesting movements by a flock of people.

Yep. Just Dance. That's what you lead with.... Just Dance 2016 - October 2016.

Ghost Recon Wildlands up first here. First trailer of the day. Poverty stricken Nation. Dictator is in a monologue, there is a surprise. Gets popped in a car from miles away. . Cut to black. Solid trailer that.

Bolivia facts now.