Stone Roses at the Etihad



Stone Roses at the Etihad Set 1) I Wanna Be Adored 2) Elephant Stone 3) Sally Cinnamon 4) Mersey Paradise 5) Sugar Spun Sister 6) Bye Bye Badman 7) Angels 8) Shoot You Down 9) Beggin You 10) Waterfall 11) Don't Stop 12) Elizabeth My Dear 13) Fools Gold 14) All for One 15) Love Spreads 16) Made of Stone 17) She Bangs the Drum 18) Heaven 19) This Is The One 20) Resurrection



I'm betting I Wanna Be Adored....


What a surprise :-)

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Evening! It's the big one, not France v Albania at the's time for the Stone Roses at the Etihad.

I'm Roddy Graham and for the next couple of hours, the biggest gig in Manchester this year is the focus of my attention. *WARNING* I'm just like you reading this and not actually at it. But together, we can pretend that we are. Honest.

This has done the rounds a lot of the past couple of apparent setlist for tonight (click to enlarge!) In around half an hour we'll find out if it's right or not.

Currently on stage at the Etihad is, randomly, Public Enemy. That'd be like Justin Bieber opening Paul Weller's next gig.

Stone Roses expected on stage around 9pm (have also seen 9.05pm banded about though). If you missed our live story of the Halifax warm-up, you have 25 mins to catch up!

Similarly, we did a live story on the Carlisle gig the following night. It's here if you want to check that out.

Best bit about this live story tonight? We'll "pin" the live setlist to the top of the page and update as it happens so you won't miss a single song. We really do spoil you!

The current view from inside the Etihad looks a little like this... Pitch is filling up very nicely. Stands look like Man City are playing a home game tonight.

Whilst we wait for the band to make their appearance in 15 mins or so... In one word, what do you make of "All For One"?



I believe Public Enemy have vacated the stage. That means just one thing...if hip hop isn't your thing, you can down your beer and head inside the stadium now!