David Brent's Life On The Road Trailer



This morning, Ricky Gervais released the official trailer for his David Brent movie, titled "Life On The Road". You can watch it right here to see it for yourselves.

This follows the "teaser" trailer from a few weeks back.

Having now seen both, it seems clear where the direction of the film is going. It's Brent being Brent. But on tour. There'll still be some office shots but the main chunk looks set to be on the road. I suppose the title gave that away though...

The teaser was arguably funnier than the full length trailer, however this is not necessarily a negative. It's often the case with comedies in recent years that the producers put the best gags into the trailer to tease people along to it. Then when they watch it they find that, OH, THE BEST GAGS WERE IN THE TRAILER!

So although there's some decent bits in today's trailer (the nervous forced laughter, the inclusion of Doc Brown - which could be a masterstroke!), it makes me think there's a lot more to come from the film itself. It's one I'm looking forward to as a fan of The Office. If it matches the Alan Partridge film, it'll be a thumbs up from me.

One interesting point to note was the inclusion on "Equality Street" in the film, a song Gervais and Doc Brown sang for Comic Relief back in 2013. I presume it was always the plan to use the song in the film, but it does seem strange that it's taken 3 years between song's first use and the film coming out. Couldn't they squeeze another song out for it??

Visual gags like the t-shirt gun look pretty weak (and very far removed from the original, subtle humour of The Office) and I do worry that if they play a big part in the film it will end up as a Kevin Hart style comedy rather than "The Office: The Movie" which I think most people really hope it will be.

The film itself comes out on 19th August. Some thing I'm really hoping for are... - lots of awkward silences and camera pans. THAT'S what made The Office and Brent so good. - plenty of cameos from the original series. Gareth, Dawn, Keith, Finchy would be perfect. - songs. Fully expecting a lot. But please make them as good as this Ricky. Please.

Alistair Sargent

I think there is room for a Gareth appearance, awkwardly trying to score at a gig. Big Keith could have a similar cameo but I'd leave the rest alone. The beauty of The Office was that it was left open to the imagination. Are Dawn and Tim still together? Has Finchy caught up with the times or is he still a hopeless mysoginist? Was Neil a success or was Brent really (somehow) the man for the top job? I'd leave these questions open

I'll definitely be making my way to the cinema to see the film. Really hoping it's a good'un. Fearing it'll leave The Office legacy harmed. Still...it can't be as bad as Special Correspondents...or can it??