Money in the Bank



I'm Jody Jamieson and it's been a while since I signed off the WWE feed here in a good mood, but that'll do it! Great show. Good night everyone!

This was an excellent show! The fact that they might have even got close to the 2011 edition says a lot. Superb stuff.

Roman is nowhere to be seen. Seth sits crestfallen on the floor. Dean celebrates triumphantly in the ring as the show goes off the air.

Colin Mathie

Vince lost faith pretty quick, so much for Roman being the next big thing.

Dean dives in the announce table. Raises the title. Vegas loves it. JBL doesn't. I love wrestling again!

Oh my goodness. What a finish to the show! The three time champ dropped the title to the new two time champ Seth Rollins, who in turn drops to Dean for his first title run!

Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds. The cover. AMBROSE IS THE CHAMPION!!!!

The match is on! The briefcase is cashed in!

Here comes Dean Ambrose! He comes from the crowd as his music hits. He cashes in!

Seth Rollins is your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Las Vegas rejoices!

Holy shit did not see that coming!