Money in the Bank



Hello everyone! Jody Jamieson here for the next four hours. Money In The Bank pre-show is about to start, with the main show kicking off at 1am UK time!

Pre-show is live now from Vegas. Renee Young, Booker T, Corey Graves and Lita is your kick off team.

Really good card tonight. Seth Rollins challenges Roman Reigns for the title. John Cena vs AJ Styles, and of course, the ladder match for the briefcase!

Lita calls Gallows and Anderson the Bullet Club and has to correct herself. We're getting the Golden Truth vs Breezango and Usos vs Dudleys on the pre-show. Even Corey Graves couldn't fake excitement.

Golden Truth vs Breezango. The heels have wacky orange tans after Goldust and R-Truth messed with their tanning bed. This is what this feud is. Faces work over Breeze.

The orange heels now getting the heat on Truth. I quite like Breezango, but I don't think their own families could care about this match.

Hot tag to Goldust. He does a pretty good comeback. And Goldust pins Fandango with that spinning thing I've forgotten the name of.

Lots of the usual rambling predictions on the kick off panel.

Lucha Dragons vs Dudley Boyz coming next.

Lucha Dragons get the shine. Hit a double dive to the outside.