Money in the Bank



They then throw the Dudleys back inside, go to the top and just stand there. Both Dudleys slap the ropes and they crotch themselves. Dragons couldn't have looked like bigger geeks.

Heat on Sin Cara. Bubba Ray is the best heel.

But he's too cocky and gets dropped. Sin Cara gets the hot tag. Kalisto does an amazing comeback as always

Dudleys hit a Doomsday Device on Kalisto, but Sin Cara breaks it up. Dudleys then bonk into each other. Bubba gets a Salida Del Sol and a senton for the Dragons win. Are they breaking up the Dudleys?

its time! The main show kicks off now!

Usual opening promo video. Welcoming us to Las Vegas. All about casinos. Then a graphic that says "Vegas is Vicious" and we get hyping for the three main matches. This was weird! But a phenonenal air shot of Vegas saves it.

Usual pyro. Cole welcomes us to the greatest Money In The Bank in history. Let it happen first! And we're opening with the tag team title 4-way. Enzo and Cass's then me hits to a good pop. Crowd is hot at least!

We get the usual wackiness from Enzo and Cass and the New Day. Much better than their segment on Raw!

New Day vs Enzo and Cass vs The Club vs The Vaudevillains for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Enzo and Cass are ridiculously over in Vegas. New Day aren't far behind. This should be fun! Bell rings!

Anderson and Kofi start. Anyone can pin anyone here. Two men in the ring.