Money in the Bank



Enzo tags in. Clears out the Club, then Kofi schoolboys him for a two count.

Kofi tags in Big E. Enzo tags in Cass. We're getting Vince's favourite. Two big guys!

English blind tags Cass to ruin Vince's wet dream. He gets splashed on the apron for his mischief.

Every team ends up in the ring and we get an 8 man brawl!

Heels are cleared out. The two face teams face off. Brawl starts. Enzo and Kofi end up left in the ring. English back in in a corner, and Enzo Irish whips Kofi into that corner and English boots him. Vaudevillains now getting heat on Kofi.

Kofi tags in Enzo, who makes a comeback on Aiden English. He comes off the ropes, but Gallows pulls the top ropes down and Enzo splats on the floor.

Enzo back in, they work him over, but he hits a tornado DDT. Cass in cleaning house!

Enzo has the win after a rocket launcher on Anderson, but Gallows pulls him out. Looked like a three count though. Was Gallows too late there?

Vaudevillains hit a whirling dervish on Kofi, but Karl Anderson breaks it up. Thank god!

Big E does he mad spear to the outside. Stop doing that you're going to die.