Money in the Bank



Bell rings. Nattie and Charlotte start. The fans immediately chant we want Sasha. Me too

Nattie and Becky hit the old Hart Foundation Hart Attack on Charlotte. I liked it.

Heat on Nattie now. Heels just working her in the corner.

Charlotte goes into the post. It looked bad. They manage to prevent the tag momentarily, but Becky gets in. Becky goes through her comeback, pins Charlotte but Dana breaks it up.

Becky hits a double missile dropkick off the top and gets a two count. Tags in abattoir. They go for a double suplex on Charlotte. She lands on her feet, boots Becky, but eats the spinning elbow from Nattie.

Nattie gets the sharpshooter on Charlotte. Dana breaks it up. Charotte hits natural selection on Nattie for the win. I won't lie. This was pretty bad.

Nattie lays out Becky Lynch! I won't lie, I went for a piss and missed it. The hell?

Time for Sheamus vs Apollo Crews. I'm sure you're excited. At least they're getting the pointless stuff out early.

Match starts with a brawl. It spills outside. Sheamus hits an Irish Curse on the outside. All Sheamus now.

Crowd is pretty dead as Sheamus just beats up Apollo.