Money in the Bank



Cena leapfrog. Styles with a single leg takedown and literally "runs circles around him"

Cena monkey flips Styles who goes flying into the other corner. Cena goes for an early AA. No luck. They have a slugfest. AJ with some nice chops.

Cena hits a big belly to belly on Styles, who kicks out at 1

They're just having a fight now, and AJ is on top of it so far. Lands a nice jumping knee.

Styles hits a suplex, and then asks the crowd "is this all he's got?" Good heeling

Cena with a back body drop that sends AJ into orbit. Both guys down. The pace of this match is nice.

Cena goes for the five moves of doom, but AJ cuts off the second shoulder tackle.

Cena with the two shoulder tackles. Goes for his spinning drop thing and Styles rolls out and hits a Pele kick. This match has been put together very nicely!

Cena gets him down. Goes for the five knuckle shuffle, and a kip up hurricanrana! This is great.

AJ hits a dive on the outside. Back in for a second but Cena moves and Styles splats hard.