Golden State Warriors

Cleveland Cavaliers



Q3 8:53 And there we go! Tie game! Kyrie to the bucket.. Scores! GS timeout. Got to get Ezeli out of the game.

Q3 8:00 Hectic sequence! GS turn the ball over but Curry snatches Smith's alley-oop pass! Hits the lay-up! Curry again! Comes off the curl and hits the tough three! Lead back to 5!

Q3 6:41 LeBron hits two at the line. Irving hits in transition and just like that Cleveland lead!

Q3 4:51 Irving gets to the line. Hits two and Cleveland lead by 3.

Q3 5:22 KYRIE AGAIN! Gets the bump and the hoop in transition of a GS turnover. Cleveland lead by 6!

Q3 3:03 Green is fouled by LeBron for three! Hits all 3 and it's back to 4!

Q3 2:24 GREEN AGAIN! Hits the three from the skip pass! GS run out! Curry finds Livingston and we are tied again! What a game!!!!!!

Green has 28pts 8reb 6ast! What a performance so far!

Q3 1:06 James! Tough fall away on Livingston. Barnes answers! Hits the three!

End of the 3rd. Iguodala hits a tough lay-up with only seconds left. He gives GS a 1 point lead heading into the last quarter.