Hey everyone. Jody Jamieson here again to take you through another Monday Night Raw. After an extremely newsworthy Money In The Bank last night, what will happen on Raw?

I assume they are going to set up a Shield 3-way after all three members held the title at one point last night with Dean Ambrose leaving as champion.

Colin Mathie

They better leave that idea till Summerslam.

We can assume the Cena-Styles program isn't over either. What happens with them. Stick around to find out!

Time for Raw!

We open with Dean Ambrose arriving in a taxi. He almost forgets his new belt. He swaggers into the building like Conor McGregor.

Raw is in Phoenix. Dean's music hits and he now swaggers out into the arena. There's a Raw and a Smackdown podium on the stage, which I'm sure will be explained later. Lilian Garcia introduces the new champ!

They show us Seth winning the main event and Dean's cash in.

He looks rather pleased with himself. He soaks in the crowd's chants. They chant "you deserve it" as he points out to he crowd.

Dean says "last night was a long night." Says he partied like crazy. Drops a line about the Cavs winning. Crowd boos. He says he doesn't like them either.

He talks about all the crazy stuff that happened, and causally drops in winning the ladder match and then cashing in. As you do.