I'm Jody Jamieson. Good night all!

Due to different commitments. We'll get the podcast recorded on Thursday. Keep an eye on @bytheminwwe for the show!

This was one of those shows. It was ok. I've seen so much worse.

And in the biggest upset of the night, the over run only went 4 minutes. A miracle! Raw goes off the air with Dean posing with the belt.

Rollins stands over Reigns. Looks to capitalise. So Dean runs back and gives him Dirty Deeds and poses with his belt on the announce table. Dean went over super strong here. Great!

Shane comes out. Dean grabs a mic. Says he'll fight them both in the same night and that's how he rolls. Shane books the triple threat for Battleground. Dean smiles. Holds the belt up in front of both of them. Roman gets pissy, so Dean lays him out with a Dirty Deeds and leaves.

We get a double count out. How lame

Spanish announce table is clear. Roman throws Seth on top. Goes for a power bomb. Seth slips out. Hits an inzuguiri. Rollins tries to escape into the ring. Roman stops him. Hits a spear into the table, but it doesn't break.

Seth to the top. Frog splash misses! Both men down.

Roman does for a spear. Seth with a kick. Roman drives him back and over the top. Seth hangs on. Goes to the top. Double axe handle. Shades of Randy Savage!