Roman Reigns Suspended



A huge story has hit the WWE website. Former WWE Champion Roman Reigns, who lost his belt on Sunday at the Money in the Bank PPV, has been suspended for 30 days due to a Wellness policy violation.

On Twitter, Reigns simply said, "I apologize to my family, friends and fans for my mistake in violating WWE’s wellness policy. No excuses. I own it."

Full disclosure, as I type this I am in the middle of watching the MITB ladder match - I'm behind on everything. But this may go some way to explaining the companies decision to take the belt off Reigns after they had spent at least two years throwing everything behind him.

This is the most high profile Wellness violation in some time. Most recently, Adam Rose (who has since left the company) was suspended for a violation that he said was due to prescribed medication.

WWE's Wellness policy operates a "three strikes and you're out" system. The first strike is a 30 day suspension without pay. The second strike is a 60 day suspension without pay. The third strike is termination of WWE Talent’s contract. The policy states that a WWE Talent who tests positive and receives a strike is subject to follow up testing.

The WWE has been quite strict with this policy, especially in the wake of the Benoit murder/suicide and a glut of wrestler deaths. However, it is unlikely that the roster is as clean as it seems so it is interesting that Reigns was popped at all.

Given the lukewarm to downright hostile reception Reigns has been getting from some elements of the audience, this could be the death knell of his push as the next 'guy' in the WWE.

News is thin on the ground. I suspect most places are waiting for Dave Meltzer's breaking news audio on the topic. There is no word as yet as to what Reigns tested positive for.

Liam Fitzpatrick

Interesting. is tue triple threat at battlefield still on?

David McGuinness

He will have served his suspension before Battleground. But since he won't be featured on TV, I would think they will change things up.

Reigns will be good to return at WWE Battleground in late July. His suspension will be served on 21/7.

Liam Fitzpatrick

Haha you literally that just as I asked!

The stop-start nature of Roman's booking - having him chase the title for so long, win it twice for short stretches, before the big win at WrestleMania and then losing it again at MITB - coupled with this is going to make things even harder for him. The rocket was well and truly strapped to his back, now that rocket is reminiscent of the Challenger.